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You know that some of the most valuable information in your field comes from your colleagues—other teachers and educators. That’s why our weekly electronic newsletter, designed just for teachers in Jewish classrooms, has been such a useful resource for our subscribers across the country.

The Torah Aura Bulletin Board (TAPBB) is an excellent way to stay up-to-date in your field, with anecdotes from real teachers and real classrooms; teaching tips and strategies; and real discussion of contemporary issues in Jewish education. Each issue also contains a current events story of Jewish interest and commentary on the weekly Torah portion—with accompanying discussion questions ready for use in your classroom.Best of all, a subscription to the TAPBB is absolutely free! Distributed weekly by e-mail and every other week by fax, the TAPBB is a service we have committed to provideat no charge to our valuable customers.

To subscribe as an individual just e-mail a note to <> and type in the message area “subscribe tapbb your full name.” If you have problems just send a note to <> and write, “I want to subscribe to the Torah Aura Bulletin Board.”

To subscribe a group, send us the name and e-mail address of each member of the group. You may send it by mail, fax 323-585-0327 or e-mail the list to <>.It’s that simple!


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TAAPBB Volume 8 2000-01

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