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Teacher and Educator Resources

I Have Some Questions About God

Item Number  35025

>Grades: 3-4
Time: 12 unit textbook
Format: full-color book

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I Have Some Questions About God includes
  • An inquiry-based approach to teaching about God to young children.
  • Stories from six incredible rabbis inform students’ exploration of theological issues.
  • Award-winning illustration and design makes the subject matter approachable and teachable.

    Children want to talk about God. They have lots of questions. Parents and teachers are often afraid to talk about God because they have their own questions. This book was written to let teachers and parents feel comfortable having the conversations that their children are seeking.

    Six wonderful rabbis, all parents of children in the target age range, were invited to write answers, many in the form of stories, to these questions. Exercises were added to expand the process and encourage children to reflect and share, looking at their experiences of God in the world. The end result, with beautiful illustratons by Michelle Noiset, is a collection of wonderful stories and hands-on experiences.

    The Authors

    • Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson, author of It’s a Mitzvah! and Dean of the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies of the University of Judaism
    • Rabbi Ed Feinstein, author of The Time of Your Life and rabbi of Valley Beth Shalom in Encino, CA.
    • Rabbi Elyse Frishman, co-editor of the new Reform siddur and rabbi of the Barnert Temple in Franklin Lakes, NJ.
    • Rabbi Joshua Hammerman, author of Seeking God in Cyberspace and rabbi of Temple Beth El in Stamford, CT.
    • Rabbi Jeffrey K. Salkin, author of Putting God on the Guest List and rabbi of the Community Synagogue in Port Washington, NY.
    • Rabbi Sybil Sheridan, editor of Hear Our Voice: Women in the British Rabbinate and a lecturer at the Leo Baeck College in London.

    Twelve questions about God (and related issues) were collected from children.
    1. How do we know there really is a God?
    2. Where does God come from?
    3. If there is one God, why are there so many religions?
    4. Does God know what I am thinking or what I will do?
    5. Can praying make someone well?
    6. Does God care which team wins the World Series or the Super Bowl?
    7. Does God understand Hebrew best?
    8. Is the Bible true?
    9. Does God really make miracles?
    10. Why is there so much bad in a world created by a good God?
    11. Does God punish people?
    12. Where do people go when they die?

    Now Available: Free Teacher Resources
    We're pleased to offer the following free resources to teachers. To download, simply click. (All resources are PDF documents viewable on any PC or Mac.)

    I Have Some Questions About God - Teacher Introduction
    This free teacher's guide introduces the book and helps teachers use it in classroom settings.

    Teaching About God
    This article by Joel Lurie Grishaver discusses the big pedagogic issues related to teaching about God. It is a must-read for anyone teaching about God, and for any educator, principal, or rabbi considering adding God as a discrete part of their curriculum.

    Item Availability       Available Now
    Price    $11.95
    For  EA


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