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Teacher and Educator Resources
Document Date
Teacher Guide for Additional Pirkei T'fillah Lessons 09-01-12

Asher Yatzar and Elohai N'Shamah, Birkhot ha-Torah, Birkot ha-Shahar, Barukh She-amar, Psalm 150, Nishmat Kol hai, Shokhen Ad, Ysitabah.

Pirkei T'Fillah Teacher Guide Addendum 10-10-09

Teacher guide for units: Modeh Ani & Mah Tovu, Asher Yatzer & Elohai N'Shamah, Birkhot ha-Torah, Birkhot ha-Shahar, Birkat Hoda'ah

What is a Flash Card What is a Vocabulary Poster 07-16-08

Check out this PDF page to find out what is the difference between a flash card and a vocabulary poster.

What prayers are being taught in our hebrew and prayer books. 07-16-08

The following chart lists every prayer and blessing that is included in the Torah Aura Hebrew and Prayer Program and indicates where to find each one. (For example, if you’re planning to teach about Ahavah Rabbah, by examining the chart you’ll notice that it can be found in S’fatai Tiftah Volume 1 and Journeys Through the Siddur: Shabbat Morning, as well as in a Pirkei T’fillah packet.)

List of the support materials available for each of our hebrew and prayer books 07-16-08

The Torah Aura Hebrew/Prayer Program is a complete curricular set that includes numerous pieces.
The chart shows all the pieces of the program and all the add-ons and accessories that are available (teacher’s guides, flash cards, vocabulary posters, home workbooks, classroom workbooks, etc.). Use this chart to decide which pieces of the Torah Aura Hebrew/Prayer Program are right for your school.

Field Guide to the Torah Aura Hebrew/Prayer Curriculum 07-10-08

In this “field guide” we will be looking Torah Aura Productions Hebrew/Prayer curricular resources. We offer a series of interlocking materials that both provide choice of texts for different needs and offer a consistent approach to the mastery of Hebrew and the development of a relationship with the Jewish liturgy. While we will talk more of these materials later, here is a quick introduction.

Prayer assessment: Intro and answer guide sample 05-08-08
Prayer assessment: Intro and student test sample pages 05-08-08