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Alef: Parent Education Folders

Item Number  12295

Format: 24 four-page full color folders. One for each of the Alef Celebration folders

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The Alef Curriculum integrates the study of Jewish holidays, home, synagogue and family with Hebrew reading readiness in a fun and exciting way, with the aid of eight folders for parent use. Twenty-five full-color Alef Parent Education Folders give parents the tools to be partners in their children’s education.

The Alef Parent Education Folder is a resource for parent education and an invitation for parallel learning. These folders expose parents to the materials that their children are using in class and then invite them to interact with their children in rewarding ways. Each parent folder starts with an historical and spiritual introduction to the Hebrew letter, then introduces parents to a few important Hebrew words that begin with that letter. This is matched with a simple adult introduction to the theme of the Celebration Lesson. Finally, the folder provides parents with an "ask me about" section that reviews classroom learning and invites parents to practice letter recognition and discrimination with their child. For parents who know Hebrew, the folder is an opportunity to show parental support and reinforce classroom learning. For parents who do not know Hebrew, it is a fail-safe opportunity to meet the Hebrew Alef-Bet with their children and to join them in learning Hebrew.

Item Availability       Available Now
Price    $5.95
For  EA


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