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Teacher and Educator Resources

Apples and Oranges: Judaism and the World's Religions (Text Book)

Item Number  12310

Author: Rabbi David S. Lieb
Grades: 8-12
Format: Softcover Book

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Comparative Religion is a great way to learn about Judaism. It also makes for better citizenship. Rabbi Lieb’s book both clearly explains each of the world’s major religions and shows where Judaism is both similar and different from them. Included is an overview on “what is a religion”, things to remember about Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. There is also a chapter on how to respond to Christian Missionaries.

This lush full-color book is filled with powerful photographs that contain their own lessons. Chapters begin and end in text based activities that further open students’ insight into each religion and provide the teacher with exciting classroom opportunities. Rabbi Lieb’s delightful narrative makes for easy reading. The activities invite active discussions. Apples and Oranges grows insight into both Judaism and other religions

Chapters include:

  • How to Compare Religions
  • Some Important, and Unique, Things to Remember About Judaism
  • A Really, Really Brief History of Christianity
  • Comparing Judam and Christianity
  • “Have You Accepted Our Lord Jesus?” Responding When Christian Missionaries Come to Call
  • An Introduction to Islam
  • A Comparison Judaism and Islam
  • Welcome to the East: Hinduism
  • And Now…On To Buddhism…
Item Availability       Available Now
Price    $12.95
For  EA


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