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Childs Garden Read Aloud Book

Item Number  25104

Author: Joel Lurie Grishaver
Grades: PreK-1
Format: 25 stories, 122 page book

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A Child’s Garden of Torah Read-Aloud Bible introduces Torah stories to young children. The book features a careful translation of 25 stories from Creation to the death of Moses.

A Child’s Garden of Torah Read-Aloud Bible is the perfect way to bring Torah stories to young children. Here are wonderfully retold versions of twenty-five classic Torah stories from the creation of the world to the death of Moses. This volume is an excellent introduction to the biblical heroes you want your students to meet. Use A Child’s Garden of Torah Read-Aloud Bible in the classroom or send it home with each family so they can make bedtime Torah a parallel process to classroom learning.

Kids should have Bible dreams. They should be able to imagine themselves riding on an overcrowded ark filled with cuddly and smelly animals. They should be able to see the rainbow burst through the single window in the ark’s ceiling. They should imagine themselves dancing on their first day, just after their creation in the Garden of Eden. They should have a moment of standing before an inner-mirror and trying on their parent’s special gift, a coat of many colors.

Kids love the Bible, because it has it all. The Bible is not witches, dragons, space ships, ancient tombs with booby trapped giant killer boulders, and sword fights. Instead, the Bible has stories of fear and faith. The Bible knows what it is like to feel alone, to feel afraid; to be angry that someone else is loved better. It knows where your heart goes when you are the one who is left out, or the way your feelings can soar when you know that someone really loves you. It tells the story of fights after which we make up, and of the fights from which there is no making up.

The power of Bible is that it tells our story. We all have our moments of being Joseph in the limelight when it seems that we are beloved and have everything. And we all have our "in the pit time" when everything caves in and we are just trapped. We all know—in our own life story—what it is to want something that you just can’t have, like Abram and Sarai craved a child. And we all have our own miracles—where God gifts us with something that we no longer believed could ever happen. Isaac is always being conceived and then birthed.

The Bible has it all—because it is our own story. A Child’s Garden of Torah was written to be a first telling of these Torah stories. It was written with classroom story circles and darkened bedrooms in mind. It seeks any place where a good story can evoke a great conversation. It was designed to be a first or an early hearing and studying of these great, eternal stories. It was designed to be the beginning of a lot of dreams.
Item Availability       Available Now
Price    $7.95
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