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Teacher and Educator Resources

Experiencing the Torah

Item Number  25670

Time: Full year book
Format: Full color book

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Textbook with twenty-three units focus on the Torah from Adam and Eve to the Death of Moses.

Active and experiential approach means doing rather than just learnig. Full-color student textbook include a carefully-translated Torah text and experiential activities to make express the story in student’s own words

This book teaches using the Torah of doing.

It starts with age-appropriate translations of the actual biblical text that are presented as scripts. Rather than just reading the text, students perform it. Reading the text out loud is the first movement in interpretation.

This is not just a Genesis book; it is a book that covers the whole Torah. In twenty-three texts we go from Adam and Eve to the Death of Moses. The Holiness Code, the Burning Bush, the Spies and Mah Tovu are stops on this journey.

Delving Deeper: Commentaries let students explore single phrases or sentences in the text and express their own feelings about their meaning. Students get to compare their own sense of the text’s meaning with traditional commentators.

Activities: Translate the text into experiences. We act, sing, dance, create art and express the inner-story of the text in our own way.

Torah study doesn’t involve just sitting and listening with Experiencing the Torah. Rather it involves students (and families) in active learning experiences. It is the book that invites you to post your Torah interpretations on YouTube. Students will be remixing their own understandings.

Watch an introduction to Experiencing the Torah

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Four or more copies $11.95

Item Availability       Available Now
Price    $15.95
For  EA


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