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Four Questions on the Weekly Sidra

Item Number  23201

Grades: 3-7
Time: 30 minutes each week
Format: Photocopy pages

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Four Questions on the Weekly Sidrah is a way for you to give the families in your congregration with a wonderful Shabbat experience. It is a photocopy pack, designed for you to reproduce and send to families you work with. (There is even a spot to add in your name.) As Dov Peretz Elkins puts it in his introduction for families: Four Questions on the Weekly Sidrah should help you focus your discussion and provide for you some good material for arguing, explaining, sharing and learning. Most of all, learning. Friday night, Shabbat around the table, or in the den after dinner, is a wonderful time for the family to detach itself from the electronic babysitter (otherwise known as the boob-tube), and rediscover an ancient Jewish and human tradition: talk." Four Questions on the Weekly Sidrah includes two pages on each Torah portion plus two introductions (one for educators and one for families). There is a verse from each Torah portion (with Hebrew) and a drash on the words or ideas in the verse. Four questions help facilitate family conversation. This is a way for families in your congregration to have a wonderful Shabbat experience.
Item Availability       Available Now
Price    $39.00
For  EA


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