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Shema is for Real

Item Number  57053

>Author: Joel Lurie Grishaver
Grades: 6-8
Time: 56 class sessions
Format: 128-page book

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Shema Is For Real offers students opportunity for a review of the prayers they have been studying, but this time on a more adult level. Prayers are displayed visually and creatively while clearly demonstrating their individual meanings. It is the perfect sixth or seventh grade text to prepare students for a lifetime of understanding.

Shema Is For Real offers students a chance to (1) review the meaning and theme of individual prayers, (2) emphasize the way prayers fit together to form services, and (3) rehearse and practice the elements of a service. It offers all the things students need to get ready for their b’nai mitzvah celebrations.

Also available is The Shema is For Real Lab Book, and a Teacher’s Edition that covers both the Lab Book and the textbook.

Item Availability       Available Now
Price    $10.95
For  EA


Teacher Resources

 Shema is for Real Lab BK
 Shema is for Real Lab TG

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