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Teaching for Success

Item Number  61006

Author: Dorothy Herman
Grades: Adult
Format: Softcover Book

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Teaching for Success: Effective Insights and Strategies for Teachers in Jewish Religious Schools

Dorothy applies her wisdom, her experience, and her sense of the practical to the art of Jewish teaching.

1. Planning for Effective Teaching

When I was a child in Religious School I always knew what to expect. Each week I would come into class and take my assigned seat. Each week the teacher would tell us to open our textbook and we would begin the lesson. The student in the first seat would read paragraph one. The student in the second seat would read paragraph two. The student in the third seat would read paragraph three. I was in the seventh seat, so, of course, the seventh paragraph always belonged to me. As the others before me were reading, I would quickly turn to paragraph seven and read it to myself, checking to see that I could pronounce all of the words so that I could read letter perfect when it was my turn. The teacher would ask us questions based on the readings when we completed each section. Religious School was so boring, but I knew that the material was worthwhile. I wished that it could be presented in a more dynamic fashion.

As I reflect on my Religious School experience I realize that I always knew what would happen in class and I knew what was expected of me. Today, religious education is different. Teachers are better prepared to use innovative methodology. They know that children learn in different ways and they try to accommodate each child whenever possible. This is a more difficult task than the one my Religious School teacher faced. When one ventures into the creative, one also has to be aware of impending discipline problems. Teachers need to prepare detailed directions for student involvement, and for student reaction to the curriculum. Students still need to know what is expected of thern so that they can cooperate and reap the most benefit from the experience.

Item Availability       Available Now
Price    $10.95
For  EA


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