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Whole School Enviromnent 6: Exploring Modern Jewish Food Ethics

Item Number  66206

Grades: 6-7
Time: 1-2 class sessions
Author: Noam Dolgin
Format: Six page full-color lesson

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How and what we eat is central to Jewish life and ritual. For many, eating Jewish means big meals of latkas or brisket, kosher food or saying a blessing before and after. In the 21st Century, how we eat is not just about our cultural heritage. Go to any supermarket and you will be inundated with choices. Frozen or fresh, organic or conventional, local or imported, meat or vegetarian, the list goes on. How we navigate these modern decisions says as much about our Jewish values and practice.

In this lesson students will reflect the role food plays in Jewish ritual and practice; Explore the ‘life history’ of an item of food from farm to table; learn Jewish texts related to a range of food related values; analyze their personal and family eating habits in regards to modern and traditional Jewish food concerns.

Item Availability       Available Now
Price    $12.95
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