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Whole School Enviromnent 7: Jewish Response to Climate Change

Item Number  66207

Grades: 7-8
Time: 1-2 class sessions
Author: Noam Dolgin
Format: Six page full-color lesson

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Global climate change may be the most pressing environmental challenge facing humanity and the world today. Fortunately Judaism has much to add to the conversation regarding the role of trees in the world, the responsibility of humans to care for the planet, and our personal responsibility to act in our daily lives and ritual practice.

Lesson Structure: This lesson is structured in two parts throughout the document. Side A deals with a scientific or technical issue related to climate change, energy consumption or conservation. Side B deals with a Jewish value or practice related to climate change. Activities are meant to be conducted in tandem throughout the session.

The activity is intended be conducted in sequence, Side A then Side B on each page. However, the material is more often than not parallel and could be taught in either order.

Item Availability       Available Now
Price    $12.95
For  EA


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