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Teacher and Educator Resources

Being Torah

Item Number  15009

Author: Joel Lurie Grishaver
Grades: 3-5
Time: Can be used 1-2 years
Format: 224 page textbook

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Brand new! The Twentieth-Anniversary edition of Being Torah. Being Torah has been recreated in stunning color, in a simplified and shortened form, with clearer student and teacher prompts, and with a revised Teacher’s Guide. Being Torah brings students into Torah by inviting them to become biblical commentators. The book works with words. Based on a real translation of the biblical text that was crafted specifically for 3rd to 5th graders, students are drawn into the words of Torah. Using colored clues, they focus on the number of times given words are used in a story, the changes between what one person says and what another person says that first said, and into the parallel words that link one story to another. This is not a book about Torah. It is actual Torah study made accessible and age appropriate. We took the original book and made it more beautiful and easier to teach. Take a look. Take another look. The Student Commentary, also now full color, facilitates this exploration by breaking the inquiries down biblical story into a series of individual inquiries. It is also designed specifically to create classroom community. The Teacher’s Guide has also been recreated to make the material easier to understand and prepare, and to offer a host of additional insights and activities. Being Torah is bound with a stitched binding that makes it a virtually indestructible textbook—a real investment for your school. Also available are the Being Torah Student Commentary, a teacher’s guide, and a training video

Four or more copies $12.95

Item Availability       Available Now
Price    $14.95
For  EA


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