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Experiencing the Jewish Holidays Parent Book

Item Number  25671

Full color parent resource about the jewish holidays

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If this parent textbook made it into your hands, then you have already understood this story. You get that your actions have great influence over your child’s actions and that being a role model is important.

This book has two kinds of material. First, there are activities that will engage you in a chance to search for the deep meaning of Jewish celebration and for ways to create family experiences that draw from the richness of the holidays.

The other material is basic background information on the holidays. It is the stuff you learned and forgot or never learned in Sunday school. This is your chance to know just a little bit more than your children.

It is good that your children are learning about the major Jewish celebrations. The process is supercharged through your involvement in this learning. Foundationally, you will be insuring the reality of this learning if you connect with the other families in your child’s class and build a community of practice.

Item Availability       Available Now
Price    $9.95
For  EA


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