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Teacher and Educator Resources

My Weekly Sidra

Item Number  44311

Author: Melanie Berman, Joel Lurie Grishaver
Grades: 1-2
Time: 30-40 minutes sessions
Format: 175 full-color page book

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My Weekly Sidrah introduces a full cycle of parashat ha-shavua to students in first through second grade. Each parashah includes a introduction, a series of exercises and a quote of the week. This full color book invites student creativity.

My Weekly Sidrah brings the rhythm of weekly Torah study into the lives of young children. Each parashah has a summary, a quote, a chance for the student to express his or her own comments, and age-appropriate activities. My Weekly Sidrah creates unique opportunities: the chance to help God finish creation, to help Noah pick the right animals, to stand with Abram as he tries to count the stars in the sky, and much more.

Four or more copies $13.95 each

Item Availability       Available Now
Price    $14.95
For  EA


Teacher Resources

 My Weekly Sidra TG

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