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Teacher and Educator Resources

Tiyulim - Journeys A Hebrew Primer

Item Number  61150

Grades: 3-4
Time: 24 class sessions
Format: ful-color 96-page text book

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There is a new review app available forTiyulim for Tablets. You can find the app by using your phone or Tablet and going to the Apple app Store or Android Play store on your device and searching for the key word Tiyulim.

Tiyulim means "journeys." This book is the path to a journey towards mastering the decoding skills for the Hebrew Language. It is punctuated with a journey through the state of Israel. It includes:
  • Twenty-four 45-minute lessons
  • Hebrew key words with visual cuing.
  • Research-based introduction of the letters, vowels, and sounding patterns.
  • Visual prompting that reinforces directionality.
  • An emphasis on Siddur words, phases, and the performance of short prayers.
  • A Home Workbook that reinforces classroom studies with short, fun, activities and supports parental involvement through a website that allows students and parents to view answers and hear words sounded or chanted aloud.
  • Separate writing and printing Classroom Workbooks allow schools to choose the modality.
  • Additional decoding and discrimination activities enrich the textbook.
  • Periodic visits to the Israel that connect Hebrew to Israel. 
  •  A teacher's guide that has been carefully engineered to both provide maximal support and to allow for total creativity.

Four or more copies $9.95 each

Item Availability       Available Now
Price    $10.95
For  EA


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