• I See You

    Posted | by TAPBB Editor

    The Story Behind The New Special Resource Guide V’khol Banayikh

    by Sara Rubinow Simon

    Have you seen the sensational new movie “Avatar”?

    It provides a fortuitous segue to V’Khol Banayikh — Jewish Education for All: A Jewish Special Needs Resource Guide.


    In the film, the Na’avi humanoids who inhabit Pandora acknowledge and greet each other by saying “I see you,” the Na’avi version of the...

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  • Learning About Autism

    Posted | by Josh Mason-Barkin

    by Josh Barkin My commute to the Torah Aura Productions Headquarters (in beautiful Vernon, CA) is kind of long. Or it can be, depending on the unpredictable traffic patterns of the 10 freeway. To pass the time, I listen to a bunch of podcasts. Basically, podcasts are like radio programs that you can download and listen to whenever you want. In fact, all of my favorite podcasts are actually weekly...

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